Over the course over our time here in Japan, we've come to know the people behind the names of Japan's finest tuning shops - to the extent that we started offering our custom tours service.

Originally we were based in the Kanto area of Japan which meant that we would frequent such names as 'Top Secret', 'TEC Arts', 'Bee-R', 'Vertex', and many others as well as the surrounding circuits like Mobara Twin, Nikko Circuit, and Honjyo Circuit.

Fast forward to our current setup where we are based in Osaka, in the Kansai region of Japan.

Despite the distance from our previous location - the quality of our custom tours has not diminished - and we often get out to the famed Meihan Sportsland circuit to show our visitors some sideways drift action, or perhaps a visit to either Suzuka Circuit, or Central Circuit might be arranged to take in some time attack or other grip type event.

The tuning shops around the Kansai area are no lesser level either, with prominent names such as J's Racing, Tactical Art, Zenitani, Trial Tuning, Signal Auto, Full Stage, Auto Select, and others among the many that often stop by for a canned coffee and to let our customers converse through us to the people they know and love.

A quick stop at Autobacs or UP-Garage? Sure we often do a quick stop at these locations too, customers then counting their YEN for those rare parts they may wish to take back home, or for larger parts that we'll ship on their behalf for them to receive after they've completed their JDM vacation.

COST: The cost of these single or multi-day tours is custom, meaning it will be based upon your pick-up/drop-off location and as to the venues we'll be taking you too based upon our initial chat.

HOW MANY PEOPLE: We accept single individuals as well as larger parties up to around seven persons.

For single-day tours the cost is generally the same regardless of amount of people, so the more you have, the easier for you to split the cost among you.

HOW TO BOOK: Very simple, once you have CONFIRMED dates you are visiting Japan, please let us know and we will check our availability, and also if it's a time of year that there is the likelihood of events taking place.

Many of the circuit websites don't update their website until around one or two months in hand, so bear in mind you may have to contact us again nearer the time if your CONFIRMED dates are somewhat in the future.

Once we provide a cost of the tour for you, full payment must be paid prior to the pick-up date either by PayPal or TT Bank Transfer.

**Please note we cannot guarantee the appearance of certain individuals at tuning shops or circuits**

**Please note we cannot guard against natural weather changes such as Earthquake, Typhoon or other, in the event of something happening we'll refund you the cost**

**Please note that if you cancel with less than 48hours of the planned date, we have already been in contact with staff at these shops we have good relations with, a cancelation fee of 50% will apply**


Other than that, we look forward to receiving your details and working with you to provide an experience you'll remember.

Team Roughsmoke.

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