J's RACING :  XR Steering TYPE-F 69 Limited Orange Leather

J's RACING : XR Steering TYPE-F 69 Limited Orange Leather

J's RACING :  XR Steering TYPE-F 69 Limited Orange Leather



In pursuit of commitment, it is jointly developed with atc, an Italian company used in many motor sports. A small diameter of 325φ has been adopted to achieve quick operation, and the optimal shape for motor sports has been realized.

We adopted a thick grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and can be gripped firmly without exerting effort, aiming at a steering wheel that is less tiring even during long sports runs.

It senses the state of the vehicle delicately with high rigidity and realizes accurate steering operation.

TYPE-F adopts a simple flat shape. You can get almost the same position as the existing steering position. (Varies by model and boss.)

It has a bulge on the part where the fingers of the grip hang, and it is a design that is easy to fit into the hand and easy to put on power.

The flat spokes allow the steering wheel to be supported by the palm of the hand, so you can concentrate on the behavior of the car.

This is the best steering for vehicles that require delicate steering operation.


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